Tips For Your First Trip Over Seas

It’s the most exciting feeling when you finally purchase that first airline ticket abroad. Whether you’ve traveled a lot, or have recently decided that seeing more of the world is an important part of your life, there’s a great thrill in finally taking your first international trip.

The ideal packing list for travel will obviously depend on factors like where you’re going, what season you’re traveling in, what you plan to do during your trip, how you prefer to travel, and how long you’ll be traveling.

That said, there are lots of things we almost never leave home without, so we put together this travel packing checklist to help make sure you’ll have the basics covered.

Of course, no matter what gear you have, any trip will be better with a healthy dose of patience, humility, and adventure, so consider them part of the ultimate packing list!

Pick the Right Luggage

Wherever you’re planning to go, pick luggage that is versatile, lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials. We suggest something with wheels that are designed to be sturdy on uneven surfaces, as well as being light. Be sure you have something that has plenty of pockets and compartments, and a top section that is large and open so you can easily see everything you’ve packed.

Bring Walking Shoes

Most travel plans include lots of walking, and wearing that pair of cute-but-less-than-practical shoes will inevitably leave you miserable by the end of the day. Bring a pair of shoes that are decent-looking but comfortable for walking, and your feet will thank you.

Remember Your Power Adapter

You will definitely need an adaptor for your electronics on your packing list for almost any where in the world. We always keep one handy in our carry-on bags, that way we can charge electronics on arrival or at the airport.

Especially if you’re coming from North America, you’ll need a power adapter almost anywhere in the world.

The exception is if you’re going to Switzerland where you may need the Type J Adapter.

Always Have a Nice Outfit

We would suggest bringing a chic black dress for the ladies with some key accessories. Scarves give your limited wardrobe just the color it needs. They dress up your outfit, are lightweight and easy to pack, and if purchased on the trip, they make for a great souvenir.

You’ll want to make sure you have at least one nice outfits for nights out.

Always Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must when traveling to abroad. If you get sick and need to see a doctor your local insurance company usually won’t cover the costs. We recommend getting an insurance plan that will replace lost or stolen items and will pay for hotel rooms and plane flights if yours get canceled. Things can always go wrong; (and for a tiny fraction of your trip cost) travel insurance will take care of you if they do, and give you peace-of-mind even if they don’t.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring Your Tech

Keep in mind most places you’ll be staying will be safe enough to carry your tech, and you’ll want it to capture your moments, or just to entertain yourself during long lay overs.

Whether it’s during long train rides or lazy days at the beach, most people read more on vacation than they do at home, making e-readers a lifesaver.

You may also want want a good travel camera if you’re going on vacation to an exotic location.

If using a phone for photos and keeping in touch with the world back home consider using a travel tripod. Travel tripods are incredibly compact, great for iPhones while also strong enough to be used with a DSLR.

Bring a portable charge for sure! You’re constantly on the go while traveling, you have limited charging time and space, and you use your devices often to capture and record those unforgettable travel moments.

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