Things To Do In Naxos, Greece

Naxos is the gem of Greece, a happy and delightful jewel shining on the waters of Aegean Sea. Therefore, there are so many things to do in Naxos, from exploring the characteristic villages to trying out invigorating sports, Naxos has got you covered. Here are 5 things to do in Naxos that you would not want to miss

If you don’t feel like walking through the crowded streets of Santorini and have enough of paparazzi in Mykonos, but still dream of a true atmosphere of Cyclades, Naxos is a great choice. What are the best things to do in Naxos then?

The largest island of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, has constituted a place of significance since the prehistoric era and, according to mythology, is where Zeus was raised.

Visit the Portara

Portara is the symbol of the island and visiting this archeological site is one of the most spectacular things to do in Naxos. I especially recommended visiting Portara for sunrise or sunset.

If you are visiting Naxos, a trip to Portara is necessary to soak in the gorgeous view and absorb the vibrant energy. This monument is a short walk from the Naxos town harbour, standing proudly on a small island.

This ramrod landmark, which is 2,500 years old, marks a doorway that “leads nowhere” and was once a temple devoted to the god Apollo. The temple was constructed when Lygdamis was reigning, and Naxos was a prominent cultural centre.

The vivacity of this monument is mostly because of the palpable spiritual energy around it, often described as “magical”, especially at sunset.

Visit the Museums

Things to do in Naxos span a wide range, whether your visit is a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos can be found in the main town and it is one of the most interesting places to visit. The building was built in the 17th Century and includes items that date back to the Late Neolithic period.

Visit the Beach

Relaxing on the beach is definitely one of the top things to do in Naxos and you Agios Prokopios should be your first choice. Not only is the island’s most beautiful beach, but is also considered as one of the nicest in Europe. You can enjoy water sport activities as well.

Naxos has an abundance of scenic beaches, perfect for unwinding under the warm rays of sunshine. There are various beaches outlining the alluring island of Naxos, so the diversity of choices always impress visitors. Here are three of the best beaches in Naxos for sandy toes and sun-kissed skins:

AgiosProkopios; located on the west of Naxos, AgiosProkopios is the most desired and beautiful beach on the island- and one of the best in Europe.

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