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Testimonial: Ashley Labella

Walking Trip for Women to Naxos, Greece

During my backpacking trip to Greece, I learned to truly enjoy the Lord as a father again. I was able to slow down for a week, marvel at His most awe-inspiring creation, and see how much his love radiated through the other women walking alongside me.

I learned in Greece that while the world might try to convince me that I have to prove and earn, that my father delights in me just as I am. He reminded me along my journey that I did not have to become any better for Him to love me radically. The community of women inspired me beyond words with their courage- whether it was hiking for the very first time or learning to heal and be held by Jesus.

These women also inspired courage in me that has since changed my career path. While we walked through beautiful Grecian towns, along with the coast and worshiped as the sun set over the Mediterranean sea, I was reminded constantly that this beauty was a reflection of the intimacy and romance of being loved by Christ.

Ashley Labella
Participant in Greece 2018

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