A Woman's Journey

Best Food to Take on the Trail

Over the course of our travels, we’ve had the opportunity to test a ton of the best trail snacks to see which really are the best to take on a hiking or walking journey.

A plane that is flying over the ocean. A woman's Journey is using this plane to get to their destination.

Tips For Your First Trip Over Seas

It’s the most exciting feeling when you finally purchase that first airline ticket abroad. Whether you’ve traveled a lot, or have recently decided that seeing more of the world is an important part of your life, there’s a great thrill in finally taking your first international trip.

Two women laughing together. They were brought together by A Woman's Journey which is based in Hoschton, Ga.

7 Trips Every Woman Should Take

We all know that getaways are important for reconnecting with friends and family, as well as taking some much needed time off, but we bet you didn’t know that travel is also a proven mood booster, a beneficial experience for your career. It is also one of the most effective ways to increase your self esteem.