7 Trips Every Woman Should Take

We all know that getaways are important for reconnecting with friends and family, as well as taking some much needed time off, but we bet you didn’t know that travel is also a proven mood booster, a beneficial experience for your career. It is also one of the most effective ways to increase your self esteem.

It’s said that ‘travel is the best form of education’, and for the multi-tasking and multi-faceted woman, this holds more true than ever.

Here are the ten most beneficial (and fun!) trips a woman can take in her life

1. Solo Trip

Think of it this way: You’ll never face a fight over what to do next!

At least once in her lifetime, every woman needs to experience an epic unaccompanied journey. This experience will forever boost your confidence and allow you to have the trip you want without anyone else taking away from your experience.
Every woman should take some time and enjoy the world all on her own. Nothing makes someone discover more things about herself than being by herself — and this is definitely not a bad thing. This makes her stronger, more confident about herself, may end up change her entire world-view or even give her the grounding she seeks.

2. Girls Trip

Time for a girls trip! Call all your friends and carve out some calendar time to make memories that will last a lifetime. As long as you’re with your besties, this trip will be a memorable one.

There’s no explanation necessary for this one, but here’s a simpler reminder: Time with your best friends is very important for your happiness and health—even the Mayo Clinic says so. From school to college and even beyond, a road trip with friends is a definite-must, especially if it’s one with your girlfriends.

3. Outdoorsy / Camping Trip

We all know that exercise is an important part of maintaining and boosting one’s health and wellness, so why not include it in your travel itinerary? Snorkeling, diving, biking, zip lining, hiking, sailing, and surfing are some of the best ways to explore the most beautiful places on Earth. You need to at least try camping (like in a tent…with a sleeping bag) once in your life even if it’s only to know it’s absolutely not for you.

4. Couples Pampering Trip

Rekindle the romance, rediscover each other — or, basically, just run away from monotony and rejuvenate yourselves. (Make sure there’s a babysitter at hand, should it be necessary.)
It’s time for you and the one you love to spend some alone time just one-on-one. Make it your mission to take some time to unplug and unwind by visiting a remote destination. Whether it be on a secluded beach in Cuba, or a cozy cabin tucked away in the forest, go wherever you feel most at peace.

5. Mother Daughter Trip

This is a special one, especially when a woman is in her late-20s or 30s and conversations are more between two friends than mother-daughter.

Go back to the beginning and visit the place your ancestors called home long ago. “Family stories provide a sense of identity through time,” researchers write. Go somewhere your Mom has always wanted, return to a place you have fond memories of from childhood, or travel to a place that takes both of you out of your comfort zone and try something new.

The reason it’s relevant that this trip be either a trek (an easy one, mind you!) or to destination with a lot of historical relevance is because while the former challenges just enough to give mommy-dearest a sense of achievement along with her daughter, the latter gives a sense of discovery and appreciation of one’s past.

6. Volunteering / Mission Trip

In just a week, you can broaden your horizons, build on your world views, and use your skills to help others—what could be better than that? Whether you’re visiting an community and neighborhood to give back or embarking on a spiritual retreat, doing something to restore your soul while helping others is always a good idea.

7. Road Trip

Load up the car, break out the map and queue up the Tom Petty. Why not take a road trip across famous routes in America? (Cruising down Route 66, anyone?) Bonus points if you hit all 50 states.

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