Ireland 2020

Experiencing the paths of the ancients and listening to the voice of the one who created us. This is what the 2020 journey to Ireland will be about.

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Boutique England Experience

August 8th - 15th 2020

Limited space available on this boutique London experience. Spaces available by request only.

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A Woman's Journey

Whether you've heard about us from a friend, know someone who went on a journey with us, or simply searched the web for trips for women, we're glad that you're here!

There is a rumbling within the hearts of women across the world calling us to something more. Women of all ages, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds are feeling this desire, they want to be more and do more with their lives.

A Woman’s Journey is a trip specifically designed to encourage women in discovering what the “more” is in their lives. On this journey women will find time to recalibrate their hearts and souls back to their creator by rediscovering her purpose and calling in life.

Women's Walking Trip in Greece


The community of women inspired me beyond words with their courage

During my backpacking trip to Greece, I learned to truly enjoy the Lord as a father again. I was able to slow down for a week, marvel at His most awe-inspiring creation, and see how much his love radiated through the other women walking alongside me. I learned in Greece that while the world might try to convince me that I have to prove and earn, that my father delights in me just as I am...

Allowing myself to lean in on someone, was a true gift!

Last year, on January 6, (2018) my older sister, Karla, passed away very unexpectedly...

I could write volumes on what the actual trip meant to me. In a nutshell, meeting this group of women, praying with them, sharing my story, allowing myself to lean in on someone, was a true gift! I cried, I laughed, I walked silently, and yes, I actually EXHALED.

...I believe that the Greece trip was my springboard for starting the healing process so I can be ready for what God has in store for me. In fact, my sister Kristen and I are signed up to go on the Ireland trip in September!

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